Check out how presentaid can boost your productivity

Dynamic Grid

  • Populate your pre-defined PowerPoint templates with data from a data source like Excel.

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Clever Cluster

  • Align shapes at the push of a button and add, remove and merge shapes in a table like format.

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Smart Sticker

  • Save shapes for later use and group them to easily switch between different states.

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Save/Send Selected Slides

  • Select individual PowerPoint slides and send/save them as pptx or pdf file.

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Slide Library

  • Save entire slides in a library and simply search for them to add them to your presentation.

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Highlight/Transparent Overlay

  • Frame important areas of your slide or send unimportant areas to the back with a transparent overlay.

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And many more...

  • Quickstyles
  • Apply your pre-defined Quickstyles on individual slide elements.
  • presentaid mail
  • Dynamically define your mail content with Excel Ranges and Formulas and create the mail at the push of a button. Perfect for revurring mails, like weekly status reports, call for content, …
  • presentaid script
  • Create your own script to easily copy/rename files and folders, consolidate slides, change text in PowerPoint slides, …
  • Open API
  • The most important presentaid functions can be called from external code, e.g. you can trigger presentaid functions with your custom VBA code.
  • and many more productivity tools