Do you offer free trials?

Yes, you can request your free trial on our website. In case you need more than 1 license to evaluate presentaid in your organisation please reach out to us: support@presentaid.com.

Do you offer different software packages?

We only offer presentaid as a combined package for all supported MS Office applications to ensure that all components work properly and to provide you with the best efficiency boost.

What does the licensing model look like?

presentaid is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. The subscription covers the usage, updates, and support.

We offer user/seat based licenses with a bulk pricing model as well as corporate licenses so you can roll out presentaid in your entire organization without thinking about activations/active users. In case you need an individual offer please get in touch with us: support@presentaid.com

We want to change our license subscription. How can we do that?

Please reach out to our customer support team to adjust your subscription. In case we need more information we will reach out to you.

What happens after my subscriptions expires?

Once your subscription expires the presentaid functionalities won’t be available anymore. However, given that presentaid works with 100% native MS Office objects you can still work with all the slides that were created with presentaid and edit them as usual.

I want to send a presentaid generated slide to a colleague/a business partner. Is this possible?

Absolutely! One of the main requirements of the presentaid implementation is to ensure full compatibility with users that don’t use presentaid.

Can I use my own Corporate Design when using presentaid?

Yes, you can! You can define your own default styles for the Dynamic Grid, Smart Stickers, … And even more: We can help you to create a Style Package which is linked to your account/license key. That way everyone who uses this license key, e.g. as part of an organization wide roll out, receives the same templates for all presentaid functionalities.

How does the Style Package work?

Based on your Corporate Design we can create default templates for the Dynamic Grid, Smart Stickers, etc which perfectly represent your brand. We will add the Style package to your account and everyone in your organization receives the same templates.

The Style Package includes:

  • Default Template for the Dynamic Grid (+ additional templates if requires)
  • Set of Smart Stickers adjusted to your needs
  • Set of Quick Styles in line with your Corporate Design

Knowledge Base

In our Knowledge Base you can find all the information that you need to work with presentaid.