Smart Slides
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presentaid is a MS Office Addin
that supports your daily business with various productivity tools. With the enhanced PowerPoint and Excel functionalities you can create slides in less time and better quality. In addition, the functionalities ensure that the slides are always consistent and professionally structured.
Our software was developed “in the field” by consultants and project managers and solves typical problems in project organizations and reporting processes. In fact, it is useful for anyone who works a lot with PowerPoint and Excel and wants an efficiency boost.

Focus on what’s important

You focus on the content, presentaid takes care of the layout with pixel-precise sizing and alignment.

Create smart slides in seconds

Customize your slide templates and populate them with your data. Presentaid will render and align the shapes at runtime.

Work together

All your templates can be shared with your team and organization, so that everyone can create stunning slides in a consistent layout.

Your known environment

All functionalities are fully embedded in the MS Office environment and make use of the existing user interface.

100% native MS Office Objects

presentaid works with 100% native PowerPoint objects to ensure the compatibility with users that don't have a license.


presentaid works with all MS Office versions under Windows.

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Advances Features

Presentaid provides you with plenty of functionalities to create slides automatically and support you with manual tasks.

  • The Dynamic Grid lets you define slide templates that you can populate with your data – fully automated
  • SmartSticker help you to quickly add stamps to your slides and to switch status
  • CleverCluster aligns shapes with perfect alignment and spacing and provides you with an easy to use context menu
  • many more features, like: Send/Save selected slides, Quickstyles, Highlighting, Slide gallery, …