The goal of any presentation is to present a certain message or story to the recipient of the presentation. You can do that in an appropriate format. Only with the right choice of presentation format the recipient can understand and process the information. Then can make a decision based on it.

When choosing the format of Powerpoint templates, there are many parameters that inevitably reflect the degree of professionalism of the presentation:

  1. Corporate design: at best, presentations should be created in the client’s corporate design. If it is a pitch presentation of your own company, you can of course use your own corporate design.
  2. Structure of the presentation: always build the presentation along your storyline: Explain to the recipient what it is about and what the goal is. Then explain the solution and options in detail. Finally, the recipient can make a decision.
  3. Level of detail: the level of detail depends on the recipient. With presentaid you can auto-populate your fully customizable PowerPoint templates and easily create perfect slides. The presentaid Dynamic Grid lets you create PowerPoint templates which can be populated with data from Excel at the push oif a button as often as you need it. This is like mail merge in PowerPoint which lets you create smart slides in seconds.