“How to make a good PowerPoint presentation” is one of the most frequent questions asked by young professionals and managers. With the functionalities of presentaid we can help you with this question.

A PowerPoint presentation should not only consist of bullet points, words and data, because often important information does not reach the listener or the listener does not listen properly because he gets bored. For this reason it is important to be able to present data well and in a simple and fast way. Presentaid allows you to create slides faster and in better quality to create professional slides in a consistent design.

Furthermore, you don’t waste time transferring data from Excel spreadsheets or inserting them into your presentation via screenshots. Instead, you can use the Dynamic Grid to insert them into your presentation. It can be done in an elegant, appealing and, above all, professional way with just a few mouse clicks. An additional problem and time eater when presenting data and facts are the unsynchronized shapes.

This problem can be solved easily with the Clever Cluster, which moves the shapes into a synchronous spacing at the push of a button. The spacing of the shapes can also be easily adjusted via + or – as you wish.