Make sure that your PowerPoint Agenda is in line with your slide deck

Having an up to date PowerPoint Agenda is one of the key features in PowerPoint Addins to guarantee a consistent, conclusive slide deck for your stakeholders.

Creating and updating the PowerPoint Agenda in an updated fashion helps you to focus on the actual content without worrying about the Agenda Slides.

The agenda of a PowerPoint presentation can be created at the beginning of a presentation. Also you can do that in the advanced process of creating the content. As soon as you want to make changes or change the entire design, the changes are automatically applied to the entire presentation.

The update is automatic and the effort of making the change is taken away from you. This feature allows you to focus on the content of the presentation and work more efficiently. At the same time, this feature allows you to maintain a consistent design and structure throughout the presentation.

All in all, this tool also takes away unnecessary work and makes your final product look better. Request your FREE TRIAL today