How can data from Excel be presented clearly in PowerPoint?

One of the major challenges in everyday work for consultants is the efficient preparation of data in PowerPoint presentations. In particular, copying data from e.g. MS Excel to MS PowerPoint is often tedious and leads to unsightly results.

If you simply copy the data from Excel, the formatting may not comply with the current corporate design. And, at the latest, if there is more data than space on the slide, you must cut the data into sections in order to display it in a meaningful way.

PowerPoint Add-ins Help You Work More Efficiently

Ultimately, everything you do manually in PowerPoint, using a mouse and keyboard, you can do by using code. Most of the time, as a user, you already have an idea how to build a slide sensibly and fill it with data. However, a good slide that is professionally constructed and designed takes a lot of time.

This is where presentaid comes in as a PowerPoint add-in. Using the Dynamic Grid, you can define the layout of a slide and then fill this layout again and again with up-to-date data. The clever editing interface, which uses PowerPoint as a WYSIWYG editor, lets the user define the layout in minutes.

presentaid – A PowerPoint add-in developed by consultants for consultants

Besides the Dynamic Grid, there are many other functionalities like the SmartSticker and CleverCluster. They increase the efficiency of users in PowerPoint. presentaid was developed “in the field”. It solves exactly the problems that cost us and our customers time and nerves every day.

As software developers, we continuously take feedback from our customers to further develop our PowerPoint add-in according to their needs. This way we create a measurable added value for companies and users.

What should you look for in a PowerPoint add-in?

There are different technologies and implementations of PowerPoint add-ins. Important when choosing an add-in are:

  • How does the user interface work? presentaid is fully integrated into MS Office and thus the existing applications can be used as usual, but provide additional functions.
  • With which Office versions is the add-in compatible? It should run on all major Office versions and should be upward compatible to avoid errors during software updates of MS Office.
  • Are MS Office objects or own objects used? If the user works with custom objects, then he cannot edit the slides, if does not have a valid license. presentaid works with 100% native MS Office objects to make slides editable also without presentaid.