Your life as a management consultant

As a management consultant one of your main tasks is to convince your stakeholders with your message, by showing the information in a professional PowerPoint presentation that everybody can understand.

Therefore, your professional PowerPoint presentation should look clear, consistent and appealing. As a management consultant works under time pressure it is key to be able to create such slides as fast as possibly without losing any of the message.

With the enhanced functionalities like the Dynamic Grid, Clever Cluster or Smart Sticker of presentaid this goal can be easily achieved. Thanks to Dynamic Grid you´ll be never wasting time on creating appealing tables of Excel Data, you´ll be able to create those in seconds by some clicks.

The Clever Cluster enables you to straighten and define the intervals of your shapes furthermore you have the opportunity to create an additional row or column per one click. Last but not least if some datas in your table changed you can uncomplicated change an applied Sticker (e.g. RAG Status) by click and select. “