Creating smart slides in PowerPoint to present your message to your stakeholders is key in project management. Presentaid helps you to automate many of the repetitive steps in the PowerPoint presentation creation process.

By using the different functions, the Dynamic Grid, the Clever Cluster, the Smart Stickers, and the the highlight or transparent overlay, one can save much time. It will look like everything in the presentation was worked out in details. That is because it is all aligned to each other and structured very well. With the Dynamic Grid, you can easily insert the relevant data from your excel sheets within seconds. The Dynamic Grid lets you create a proper table of it.

When you need to create tables of information yourself, you can just fill everything in that you need. You don’t need to look at the proportions. If it looks good, when finished, you apply the Clever Cluster and everything will be aligned. In every table you can also insert Smart Stickers for status updates etc..

By applying them, you do not need to check if they align to each other because they are all the same and fit to your design. When you want to highlight something, this can also easily be done by selecting the space that you want to highlight and then applying the overlay function. All this helps you to create professional slide decks that use consistent presentation formats to achieve your goal.

With presentaid you can create smart slides in seconds.