Tasks like “”how to filter in excel”” or “”how to remove duplicates in excel”” can be simplified with the presentaid Excel online Addin as it provides additional context menus and extended functionalities. With that you can easily filter for selected values rather than typing in what you are searching for manually. To make your daily work with Excel more productive and save time, you can follow these tips:


You can extend the status bar so that it gives you information about the selected range. So you can save the formulas Sum(), Average(), Count(), Min(), Max(), Sum() in many cases. To do this, simply right-click on the status bar, select the corresponding points and then select only ranges.


If you select a cell and then double click on “”Transfer Format””, you can apply the cell format to a number of cells. When you are done formatting, just press ESC to deactivate the brush again.
This saves you the repeated selection of the brush. If you press the F2 key, you can also see which cells are addressed in a formula. All addressed areas are highlighted in color, as well as the corresponding references within the formula. So you can quickly check formulas for errors.


To remove duplicates from a list, we can use the “”Remove Duplicates”” dialog. To do this, first select the area to be checked for duplicates. Then select Data -> Remove Duplicates. In the dialog you have to decide which columns should be checked for duplicates, you can also check several columns in combination, e.g. first name and last name. If duplicates are found, this will be indicated in the notification box accordingly. The duplicates will be removed in the selected area.


By pressing F4 the last action that you executed in Excel or PowerPoint will be repeated. And this can ease your life in many ways: Deleting rows, applying a back color, changing the font size, pasting data: all of those are repeatable actions. And you can save lots of time by using this F4 shortcut.